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Greetings from Gram Mooligai.

Ours is a company owned by Self Help Group of gatherers and cultivators of medicinal plants. The company has been promoted by NGOs led by the Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT), Bangalore, recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Forest as a Center for Excellence in medicinal plants conservation. I am hereby attaching a brochure about the company.

We have started manufacture of herbal medicines for some select primary health conditions. These medicines are clinically tested based on a protocol developed by FRLHT and manufactured under license issued by the Drug Controller, Tamilnadu. I am hereby attaching our product literature with this letter.

One of the main objectives of the National Rural Health Mission of Government of India is to mainstream Ayush (Ayurveda, unani, Siddha, Homepathy). In this regard, our herbal medicines can help in realizing this objective while providing incomes to Self Help Groups and also meet their health needs in an affordable way. Currently, we have tied up with a few NGOs and selling our medicines through SHGs/Federations. In this deal the SHGs / Federations get a maximum discount up to 35% on the MRP, which becomes a source of additional income for them.

We invite you to join us in promoting these medicines in a mutually beneficial way. Since you are working with SHG or any other community organizations you could explore a business tie-up.

We are sure that you would find the above proposition from us interesting and exciting and we would like to further collaborate with your SHGs and give an introductory talk in their monthly meetings by explaining the importance and utility of the above products. Please do let us know a convenient date and time for the same.

I look forward to hearing from you.


For further details:
Mr.S.Balaji, Sales Executive
Gram Mooligai Company ltd,
18C/1, Kennet cross
Ellis nagar

E-Id :

Remedies Available For
Joint Pain
Cuts / Cracked Skin
White discharge
Initial stages of diabetes

Gram Mooligai Co LTD
The Mission Statement:
Generate livelihoods; incomes for the Rural Poor by Utilizing the Natural Resources of the Village
• Produce and Market Cost Effective and Natural Medicines for the Rural and Urban Masses concerning their Primary health problems
To create a Sustainable and replicable model and contribute to Ecology by conservation of medicinal plants

Brief History

Spin off from Medicinal plants conservation network of FRLHT, Bangalore
• Unique model: Public limited company owned by SHGs of medicinal plants gatherers and small cultivators; founded in 2000

Market Analysis: Raw Drugs
Buyers herbal manufacturers. Market: Rs 400 crores. About Rs 80 crores at South India level. Less than 1%
market share.
• Competitors are traders.
• Our strength : Direct sourcing from gatherer share holders and hence able to ensure quality and authenticity. Madurai model replicable.

Market Analysis
Medicines for primary health care
Market Rs 5000 crore. OTC category of affordable but effective medicines. Direct appeal to consumers.
Strength :
Our approach to rural families though shgs members
Direct sale by women .
Fast establishing network of chemists in Bangalore

Market Analysis
Rs 1600 cr growth @25%. 12 large players, many ayurvedic co are present. Unregulated and claims not substantiated.
• Niche: Honey and herb based products: traditional systems of medicine.
• Ride on medicine and honey credibility.

Product: Medicines for PHC Social and Environmental Impact
1) Livelihoods and incomes to about 6000 women and their families in the rural areas
2) Delivery of affordable medicines for primary health care 50-80 lakh families in rural and urban areas.
3) Model of sustainable harvest of medicinal plants and natural resources contributing to biodiversity conservation

Share of Sales :

16% OEM, 4 8% Urban, 3 6% Rural
Sales Projections-medicines and Nutraceuticals
Rural - Urban
Women Sales - Shops Sales

• 1200 - 43.2 - 1800 - 70
• 2400 - 94.32 - 3600 - 144
• 3600 - 168.00 - 4800 -230
• 5000 - 363.20 - 6000 - 400

6000 - 409.00 - 6000 - 540

i) Collection: direct sourcing from SHGs; model established over 5 years.
ii) Medicines for PHC: simple formulations made from locally available herbs; affordable and efficancy and
iii) Nutraceuticals: honey and herb based; from traditional systems of medicines.

Competitive Advantages : Strong input from FRLHT in terms of product development from Ayurveda.

Scalability: The formulations are essential simple and made using simple technologies.

Organization and Personnel
Owned by SHGS of medicinal plants gatherers and small cultivators.
• G.Raju, Founder, Managing Director backed up by Chandar (mkt advisor) and TVG Krishnamurthy (business advisor). Backed up by FRLHT and CCD.

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